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Improving productivity

Understanding ways to improve productivity in modern work places

The problem: Fragmentation and Overload

The staples of modern work life: email and multitasking often lead to drops in productivity. They give the illusion of efficiency because everyone is busy, working hard and possibly stressed. In reality, the quality of work suffers and things take longer to complete. Because time is fragmented with each interruption (new email message) and some time is lost as overhead for the mind to change tracks. Also, the relevant piece becomes hard to find in an avalanche of information.

Our Approach: Compartmentalization

Our approach is compartmentalization. When you are working on a task, you focus primarily on that task, with all of the relevant information at your finger tips and then move on to next task. With serial monotasking, instead of multitasking, and by using email primarily for notifications, and not for discussions, productivity can increase again.

Web Services

Developing intuitive scalable and secure web services

We know the craft (Server code, client code, security, database design, administration, backup, redundancy, scale, testing, bug tracking, frequent releases). Among others, we have experience in Google App Engine, Django, MySQL, Ubuntu and a variety of client frameworks.

We pride ourselves on the art (understanding customers, user experience design, interface design and delivering high quality software with quick turnaround)

Custom Software Development

Currently, we are focused on custom software development.

Of late, we have focused on confidential custom software development project for a client to automate their collaborative business practices.

We are very selective in the projects we take. If there is a mutual match, pricing and scope are included in the contract.

About Us

We are a boutique software development company established in Bellevue, Washington in 2006. We were founded by Raja Abburi, who previously worked at Microsoft on a variety of projects, last as the General Manager at Microsoft for Messenger and Outlook Express clients.

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